The Art of Packing: Tips Too Good Not too Share

Working in a warehouse can be a time-consuming and tough job. Ensuring that pallets and machinery are sorted correctly, protecting any products you store in them. Your inventory and products are one of the most important aspects of your business as without it, you are not going to make any profit. Therefore, the protection of your products is vital. Not only is protecting your products in the warehouse important but they need to be protected while in transport. You do not want your products to arrive at your customers damaged. Here are some of the best packing tips that are too good not to share!

Invest in Shrink Tunnels!


If you work with food or gas, the best piece of equipment you could buy to make your working life easier would be shrink tunnels! They will save you time and effort, as well as keep your produce fresh and protected.  There are different types of shrink tunnels that would make different packing jobs easier. If you are packing small items that are light in a high volume, then you could use a shrink tunnel. The shrink tunnel moved the product down a conveyor belt then moves it through a heated tunnel where the process is completed. The product will then be removed from the belt. Yes, it is as easy as that!

Investing in shrink tunnels will give your business many benefits, including leaving your products with a professional finished, clean look. The shrink tunnels will ensure that your pallets are covered with perfection. With such professionally finished packaging, you will project a strong image of your business. therefore, your products will be perceived as quality and value.


Create Cushion Packaging


Your inventory is your profit! Protect your profit today by protecting your products with cushion packaging. If you have fragile products that can easily be broken, then you need to invest in cushion packaging. You need to ensure that when your products are being transported to your customers that they arrive in once piece. If a product arrives faulty or broken it does not leave a lasting impression on your customer. Keep your customers happy and the profit in your pocket by investing in cushion packaging.

The cushion packaging can be tailored to your individual packaging needs to fit any size of the product. The box can have soft foam around it to keep the product one place, will limit the risk of being broken. You can also have any design on your cushion packaging, so you will not lose any marketing opportunities when it comes to shipping.

Buy Strapping Machines


Strapping machines, also known as branding machines, are a simple say to bind products together with minimal effort. the strapping machines either use; polypropylene, polyester or steel for banding together heavy duty products. the banding machines can be both static or hand- held, to increase the production rate.

The banding machines are perfect for low volume, heavy items such as export crates. Strapping machines offer an ideal solution to banding items together.

banding -machines

Simple Tips


Simplify your packing solutions with these easy packing tips. One thing always to remember when packing up your precious products is that protection is key. Keep your items protected by investing in some easy to use machinery.